Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tip #7--Bi-lingual attorneys and certified court interpreters in WI personal injury cases

Many people injured in car accidents do not speak English as their first language.  These accident victims may speak limited English or no English at all.   If the lawyer speaks only English, the injured parties can be left with many unanswered questions or misunderstandings about the claims process.

It is somewhat helpful if the injured party brings a relative or a friend to interpret, but the relative may not have the language skill, experience and maturity needed in a legal matter, leading to problems in communication between the injured party and the lawyer.

The injured party can avoid all this by choosing to hire a good law firm with a bi-lingual attorney on staff.  In this way, communication will be greatly enhanced.  Make sure that the bi-lingual attorney has experience in personal injury cases before hiring him or her.

A certified court interpreter must be used to interpret at a deposition or in court.  "Certified" means that the interpreter has passed tests of language skills and has sworn to abide by the Wisconsin Code of Ethics for Court Interpreters.  A certified court interpreter is qualified to properly assist in legal proceedings and does not take sides.

Please contact Attorney Sally A. Hestad and bi-lingual Associate Attorney Nadia Noboa-Chehade with any questions regarding representation of Spanish speaking car accident victims.  Hestad Law also offers bi-lingual representation in French, and we have a Hmong assistant as well. We offer a free consultation on Wisconsin accidents.  Please call us at 608-273-1600.

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