Sunday, December 1, 2013

Tip #10--Documenting time lost from work after your accident

If you are injured in a car accident, you may miss time from work because you are in pain.  You may also miss work time for doctor, chiropractor or physical therapy appointments.  Documentation of your missed time from work should be submitted to the liability insurance carrier as an important part of your accident claim. 

If you have pain that prevents you from working, you need to obtain an excuse from work from your doctor.  The written excuse should be given to your boss or HR Department.  Keep a copy to submit to the liability insurance carrier.  If you need to stay off work longer, be sure to return to the doctor to get another excuse. 

Once you are able to return to work and can work all of your normal hours, you are ready to document your lost work time for the liability carrier.

The best way to document your lost time from work is to obtain a letter from your employer stating the days and hours you missed due to the accident.  The letter should also state how much you make per hour so the liability insurance carrier can easily calculate the value of your lost time.  If you missed overtime hours, then the letter should also state the missed overtime hours and the amount you earn for overtime hours.  If you missed work on the night shift or on a weekend, the letter should state the missed time and the shift differential.

If you are self-employed, documenting your business loss after an accident can be complicated.  It may be necessary to produce a copy of your Schedule C for several years and/or statements from your accountant about your business.

Lawyers at Hestad Law have experience in documenting our clients' lost time from work as well as their self-employed business losses after an injury accident.  Call us today for a free consult about making your claim!  608-273-1600.

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